Some of Curbside’s fundraisers are Confidential Shredding Events, News Drop Program, and Newspaper Recycling Fundraisers.

Confidential Shredding Events – host pays for the mobile shred unit to come to the specified location, they then charge those that bring confidential documents to be shred. The host keeps the proceeds.

Newspaper Recycling Fundraisers-Curbside will place a 6 yard container in a location the host designates i.e. church, school, community building. once filled with newspaper Curbside recycles the material and the host receives a portion of the rebate. Check out our map of 6 yard fundraising containers to find one near you.

News Drop Program-Host would notify Curbside that participants will be delivering magazines and newspapers to be recycled for a specified program. When participants drop their material off, they inform Curbside they are dropping it off for the designated program. At the end of the month all weights delivered are totaled and a check is paid out to the group for a portion of the rebate.

Whichever choice you prefer Curbside can work with you to build a program that fits your needs.