Confidential Shredding

Curbside helps provide an audit trail to keep companies in compliance with the current laws. A certificate of destruction is issued at the time of shredding for your records. All materials are treated with the utmost confidentiality and security, whether it is on site or off-site. Our programs are structured to meet the needs of our customers with a team that cares not just about great customer service, but also your company’s security. In essence, we are an extension of your corporate security department!

Mobile On Site Shredding
On site shredding allows our customers to observe first hand their documents being shred.  Our Mobile Shred trucks have the flexibility to control particle size to accommodate the particular needs of our customers.  We can accommodate any job from one box to several hundred, from residential to hospitals; one time clean outs or regular scheduled pick ups.

Plant Based Shredding
Your containers remain in our secured truck until it arrives at our secure shredding facility. The facility is completely enclosed with locking access doors, and is perimeter monitored by ADT Securities and video monitored with Global Network.

Upon the arrival of materials for destruction, the containers are weighed and/or counted for record keeping. Once recorded, they are then staged to begin the shredding process. The material is fed directly into the shredder processing about 3,000 pounds per hour, baled. Once materials are baled they are shipped directly to a paper company where the material is turned into pulp to make other recycled products. A certificate of destruction is issued with the certified weight that verifies that the materials were destroyed in compliance with the 1974 Federal Privacy Act.

We also offer Residential Drop-off, and some Commodity Recycling.



Visit the National Association for Information Destruction  for information on the destruction industry, it’s standards and ethics


Visit the United States Department of Health and Human Services for information on HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act


Visit the Federal Trade Commission for information on FACTA (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)

Identity Theft Resources

Resources on how to prevent Identity Theft